Private and public writing in a social media environment

How has the division between public and private writing been influenced by the rise of social media?


With the increasing use of social media to disseminate private writing, the industry behind public communication of the written word has been decentralized (Anderson, 2009). Social media delivers a platform where subjective private writing takes on mass media like qualities usually reserved for objective material produced for profit and blurs the line between the audience and producer (L├╝ders, 2008) . In this social media environment, readers have become writers (Walker, 2008) and corporations once restricted to mass media messages are able to communicate with their customers in seemingly personal environments (Aziza, 2010).

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Scaling the walls of personalised curation

July 20, 2011

Curation is the art of telling a story. As soon as a piece of content attracts a title, comment or reference to another work, it has been curated (Shott, 1996). This essay will argue that online, curation is too often used as a tool of expedient initiation and personalisation, which leads to data lockout, and walled information ecologies that are hard to navigate. This paper will discuss the pitfalls of allowing the content we interact with, produce and consume to be curated for us, rather than curating it for ourselves.

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