Newcastle Live: What I loved in 2015

In Blog by Dan

One of the best bits of working for Newcastle Live this year was all the great stuff I got to listen to, watch and experience.

Justin Ngariki’s show at The Stag & Hunter Hotel with the Dastardly Bastards was probably the best gig I’ve been to this year, and I saw some pretty big shows over the last 12 months, including KISS. But the conditions were perfect for this show. Just solid.


I loved Auxfire’s release, YOU. Joey is the man, and his stuff just keeps getting better.


My brothers in The Treehouse Children kicked some goals this year too. They opened for The Delta Riggs and released the hottest cover I’ve heard all year.


The Main Guy & the Other Guys’ ‘GAME OF THRONES (a Tribute)’ was one of the best things to come out of the local scene this year. Duke was also the man behind the xmas musicalendar, which I absolutely love.


I can’t do a wrap up without mentioning Gerant Kenneth and his Song A Week project. Gerant has puped out insight and oddesy consistently every week. It’s been awesome to watch it evolve, explode and consider itself.


Working with Gra and the team on the Elsewhere events has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done outside my own career in the entertainment game. I got to meet one of my favourite Aussie artists, Paul Dempsey and watch him play side stage. I hung out with Melody Pool smoking darts and watched as her and Steve Smyth sung a moving duet. I also fell in love with The Soorleys.


I had the chance to attend the BIGASOUND music conference this year. It reminded me that playing live is the best way to make fans. I was blown away by Harts, Babaganuj, Gordi, Gang Of Youths, & Shinning Bird. The workshops and panels I attended were interesting and being in a city full of musicians and music industry people was a real buzz.


I had the pleasure of MCing a heat of the Youth Rockin’ the Black Dog band comp, and I sat on a number of judging panels for band comps too. I hated band comps when I was younger and I’m not sure I’ve changed my mind, but I really enjoyed watching the bands and offering advice. And the guys who won the Newcastle Uni band comp, Bear In A Man Suit put on of the most energetic shows I’ve seen in a long time.


I loved Bob Corbett’s album, and I thought Mitch Capone’s release was a lot of fun too.

Working with Mel around the Live At The Forshore Festival was great and I really enjoyed the day!

I ate some awesome food most notably at The Star Hotel in Newcastle and lots of publicans shouted me beers which I also enjoyed.

Last but not least, I met and interviewed my favourite frontman of all time, Jon Toogood at The Stag and we chatted for over half an hour. It was epic.

It was a good year.

If I left you off the list it doesn’t mean I dislike your stuff, that I didn’t dig your gig or like and appreciate your food and drink. I like most of the stuff I come in contact with, but I wanted to give a special shout out to everyone involved in the above. You all gave me smiles.